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 smart installation

The smart system installation (EIB / KNX) is currently the most widely used system of its kind in Europe. More than 100 of the largest producers of electrical installation components (Siemens, Schneider Electric, ABB and other) continuously develop and manufacture new items. The new features of such a system can completely automatize a building. You can upgrade it with a central control system which provides a full overview, and use all of the features provided by the installation.

The main advantages of smart installations:

  • increased safety,
  • economical use of energy while a building is in use,
  • simple tailoring of electrical installations to the needs of a customer,
  • a high degree of comfort and convinience,
  • even the newest elements can easily be incorporated into the "old" installation,
  • a wide range of elements and forms by various producers.

Of all the electrical systems or devices in the house lighting is probably the one you use most often, so it is important that its management is simple and transparent. Smart installations take care of your needs with a free customizable keys on the switches, which means that each key takes almost any function (on / off / light shading / recall scenes / save scene / ...). Various interfaces (e.g. EIB / DALI) enable that through smart installations  lights on other systems can be operated. The central shutdown function takes care of convenience, efficiency and safety. Never again will you leave the light on. The scene function  provides for a suitable atmosphere for the event, since the system recalls any past scene setting.

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smart home, blinds

Shades and blinds prevent excessive heating of the room, and protect our space and privacy. With the installation of smart blinds, they can operate automatically. With the help of the weather station, the blinds will be automatically released when it's hot outside and the sun is shining (just the side of the house in the sun at that particular moment). When the wind is really strong, the blinds will  automatically rise up and prevent breakage. Blinds can be synchronized with lighting, thus providing a nice atmosphere. Raising and lowering of  the blinds can be controlled with a schedule made by the user.

A remote access to smart installation offers a wide range of benefits, because you are always well informed about what is happening at home. An alarm about a possible water leak, unlocked and open door, weather station data, information about open windows, turned on- / off heating / cooling, lighting and much more is accessible from anywhere using a PC, a smartphone or a tablet. All you need is internet access and you are always in touch with your home.

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Special elements eib knx

A smart installation offers a wide range of special elements, which enrich the number of functions and increase comfort.

Weather station

The weather station has sensors for predicting the weather parameters such as rain, light, wind, temperature, DCF77 signal (the signal of radio time and date from Frankfurt). The information can be used in many ways - the one about the rain may also act as an alarm to close roof windows. Information about temperature, time, date, and light can be used to automatically lower the blinds, etc. With the use of the central control system, it is possible to establish weather statistics and wind- and temperature history and other parameters.

Presence simulation

Presence simulation is crucial when you are away from home for a long time. In the time you spend at home, one of the functions records your use of lightning and blinds. Before you leave for holidays, turn the function on and it will immitate your behaviour.  It calculates the right times as well, which is why the actions will be carried out at the same time each day.

Measuring quantities

Electricity, water, gas, quantity of liquids in tanks and other liquids - all of this can be monitored with the help of smart installations. This is how you will always know how much of a particular energy source is being used at a given time. If a particular quantity exceeds the permitted or expected value, an alarm can be triggered. With the addition of a central control system, a database can be built. It allows graphs drawing, which show at which points the greatest amounts of an energy source were used.

Access control

Fingerprint access control is extremely easy to integrate and relatively inexpensive. It provides access to the apartment without a key and allows up to three different functions (each on a different finger, for example: deactivate alarm / access house / light control). If necessary, the access can be blocked or the it can also be allowed from a distance.


A smart installation can be connected to the classic alarm system (via the binary inputs and digital outputs). You can thus activate or deactivate the alarm via smart installations. When triggered, the alarm can turn on the lights, raise the blinds or send a notification.

Heating, cooling and ventilation (HVAC) are areas where the electrical installation meets the machine installation. If both are synchronized, complete comfort and maximum savings can be achieved. A smart installation can control everything from electric radiators, convectors, hot water radiators, underfloor heating, air conditioning to fans. Functions, other than temperature control can be added:

  • If the windows are open, the heating/air conditioning automatically stops and continues when the window closes again.
  • Daily- and night mode of operation.
  • Higher temperature in rooms you are actively using and lower in other ones.
  • Thanks to the remote access function heating/cooling can be activated before you are on your way from holiday and when you get home, the temperature of your home is very pleasant.
  • Even the air-conditioning systems is more efficient with the help of humidity and temperature sensors.
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