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Why a smart home? Have a look at some reasons:


safety in smart home
  • A smart home simulates your presence, which chases potential burglars away, even if you are enjoying your holidays.
  • A smart home recognizes your fingerprint at the entrance and gives you a warm welocme. It can also prevent some devices from turning on if your child arrives home first.
  • A smart home can recognize water- or gas leaks, close the main conduit and informs you about the situation.
  • When you get home, a smart home will turn off the external lightning and give you a warm welcome with an illuminated main entrance.
  • Are you dreaming about an evening relaxation with light music, dimmed lights, the right tempeature and closed blinds? Press a button and the room will follow your orders.
  • At night, you will be guided by lights pointing at the floor. The lights will be turned on in the usual mode in the evenings.
  • Did you forget to close the window when you left home and there's going to be a storm? Don't worry, a smart home will do it for you straight after the first raindrop.
comfort in smart home
smart home, economy
  • A simple and clear overview of energy consumption enable you to identify and follow the major energy consumers.
  • When you open a window, the heating in that particular room goes off and turns on again when you close it.
  • A smart home follows the position of the sun according to the season and adapts the function of the blinds in such a way that the biggest amount of energy is conserved.
  • When a smart home recognizes that nobody is at home, the temperature automatically drops for the house to be more energy-saving.
  • Do you have a smart phone? It can now be used in a similar way as a TV remote control. Moreover, a smart home offers to interactivity and dynamic information.
  • Don't have a smart phone? Any computer with internet access allows you to control heating, to close the main door, turn on the floor heating of your courtyard, follow your security cameras and more.
smart home
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Are you wondering what is needed for a normal house to turn into a smart home?

The right answer is a smart installation (EIB/KNX) which connects different systems and enables their synchronized function.

Interested in technical details? Click here.

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An example of smart installation use in a church: